welcome to dance fanatics

Dance Fanatics opened in Pakenham in January 2003 & aimed to supply an extensive range of dance products to an area where little was available. Growing with the area, Dance Fanatics is now a major supplier of Bloch, Energetiks, Capezio & Fiesta, catering for all aspects of Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Contemporary. Pointe, Hip Hop & Dance Sport needs are also available.

Dance Fanatics is the ideal place to find all the costumes and accessories needed to start on the right foot in the new dance year. Opened seven years ago, Dance Fanatics carries Bloch and Energetiks dancewear and shoes, including the popular Bloch ballroom shoes. A range of budget shoes for youngsters is also carried with ballet shoes, jazz shoes and hip hop funk. The shop is an agent for Martins tutus and has Fiesta and selected Capazio products.

An endless amount of shoes are also available including four widths of ballet shoes, leather characters, girl’s and boy’s jazz shoes, tap shoes and much more. Costume making and debutante hems and alterations are also available.